Modafinil Buy: T20 – located on the middle line between the tops of the auricles, at the intersection of these lines;


Modafinil Buy: T20 - located on the middle line between the tops of the auricles, at the intersection of these lines;

3) buy-hui T20 – located on the middle line between the tops of the auricles, at the intersection of these lines;

4) zu-san-whether how to get the prescribed modafinil E36 – the point of a broad spectrum, or “the point of a hundred diseases.” I and II to wrap fingers on both sides of the tibial crest on the shin and move upwards – point E36 will be at the lower pole of the tuberosity of the bone. Or put your hand on the patella and press your fingers to the lower leg, the tip of the middle finger will indicate E36. First, they press or puncture this point on a healthy leg, then on the patient. Irritation is produced within 30–50 min;

5) Shi-Xuan. Irritation is applied fast and strong to points IV and V of the fingers, with blood coming out of the points of shi-xuan. With elevated blood pressure modafinil moa, a patient is given an injection or pressure on both points of the zu-san-E36 by the method of prolonged irritation, and then to the points of the shi-xiuan (II – III modafinil buy modafinil wiki of the fingers or toes on the healthy side) by the tonic method ( sharp and short pressure or injection 2–3 s with an interval of 1-2 s).

One of the unconventional methods of treatment after strokes and with hypertension can be called massage Dell.

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Vladimir Dell developed this massage for himself when he suffered a stroke. This helped him to emerge victorious in this fight. Thanks to system massage, blood circulation is restored in the vessels of the brain.

Hand massage

Remove all metal objects, wash your hands with warm water. Well rub and knead fingers, palms, wrists, forearms. Shake your brushes. You can smear your hands with apple cider vinegar, interior pork fat, olive or ghee, and rub modafinil adderall until you feel a modafinil heat and gravity feel. Then go to the second exercise.

Modafinil Buy: T20 - located on the middle line between the tops of the auricles, at the intersection of these lines;

Ear massage

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Lightly rub the edges of the auricles with the fingers is modafinil a controlled substance, slowly moving from above to the earlobe, slowly back and again to the lobe. The edges of the ear should warm up. After that, rub the middle part of the auricle, then pull the earlobes down several times until they become warm and red. Make “forks” with the index and middle fingers of both hands and rub the skin behind the ears and the grooves under them. Insert your index fingers into the ear canal (in both ears) and massage it. Then push down hard on the trestle – the knob in front of the auricle. At the same time, make movements up and forward at the same time. Release the modafinil buy modafinil stack and again, with an effort, press the tragus up and forward. They pressed for 1 s – they let go, again they clicked – they let go, and for 5 minutes. This is very useful for all hypertensive patients who place modafinil because it lowers blood pressure, and in healthy people, it prevents hypertension.

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After resting, rub your ears, pull them to the sides, up, down, rub and rub them again. If they become hot, stop rubbing.

Neck massage

Squeezing the middle and big fingers, well knead the muscles located on both sides of the cervical spine. Massage up and down the back of the neck until you feel warm. Then remember the neck modafinil dose ribs of both palms, repeat several times. Then massage the front and side of the neck. With a fork of the thumb and index finger, stroke the neck from top to bottom, grasping both carotid arteries on the right and left, alternately for 2–3 minutes alternately with your right or left hand in one direction only – from top to bottom. Carefully iron the thyroid gland.

Now get up from the chair, close your fingers. With the edges of the palms from the side of the thumbs, with strong movements from top to bottom, right or left hand, massage the base of the neck from two sides. After that, make a modafinil online reddit massage of the neck from behind, alternately with one or the other with your palm, as if shaking something off it.

Head massage

Sit down, close your eyes, turn away from all worries and anxieties. Relax! Freely hang your head on your chest. Slowly gently stroke your face with your palms, then your head and neck. Gradually increase the pressure with the pads of goodrx modafinil fingers on the scalp. Press them to her. The fingers while bent, apart. Then, in a circular motion clockwise, rub the forehead, temples, and the back of the modafinil buy.

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